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How To Hire A Furniture Clearance Company

Hiring a furniture clearance company is one of the best investments that you can make especially when you have old furniture that you want to get rid of. It is tempting to think that you can hire a van and take it all out by yourself but there are some disadvantages to this which include a potential injury and time consumption when doing it by yourself. Getting a furniture removal company to help you take out your old dining tables and sofas to have space to bring new ones in is a very common service requested by a lot of people.

If you find yourself wanting to hire a company for your clearance but you have never done it before, we have compiled a short guide to help you do so with ease:

•    Firstly, compile a list of what furniture you need moving. A lot of clearance companies will ask for a list because they go through so many places that they need to help move, so a list helps keep them on track. Also, you will find that you will be able to get a better quote when you know exactly what you need shifting.

•    Secondly, when you shop around for a quote from the junk removal companies, always make sure that you get the best rates. It is pointless to hire a company and then realise that you could have gotten the service for so much cheaper just down the road. Each company charges a different price, so it is wise to find the best one for you.

•    Thirdly, when you receive a quote from the company, make sure that it is inclusive of VAT. Many clearance companies choose to leave out VAT because they are private limited companies and don't need to put it into the initial quote. You can easily step out of budget this way, so it is wise to request the inclusion beforehand. Also, make sure that the quote is valid for 30 days, so that you can contact other companies to see what the best fit for you is.

•    Fourth, find out via testimonials and background checks that this company is indeed legit and they won't take your money and run off. A lot of companies are most happy to show you their services beforehand, so that you can feel comfortable to hire them. If you find untoward reviews, it is best to do more research before you decide to hire the company. Furniture removal companies often have an online presence, so it is worth your while to check it out beforehand.

You always want to check if it is more economical to hire the clearance company hourly or on a flat rate. Sometimes, the people don't need all that much time and you will find that an hour or two is enough to get the job done, rather than hiring them for half a day and ending up paying them extra. Often, you will find that furniture removal companies can be hired on quite a short notice, so that is a great thing to bear in mind especially if you are having a last-minute delivery and you need things moved out in a short space of time, without having to give a significant period of notice.