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Their politeness and helpfulness make them stand out among other companies in the industry.

  • Lara

The promptness and neat appearance of the team handling my junk collection were just some of the factors that made their undertaking of a tough job look effortless and commendable.

  • D. Green

I was relieved that they came within the specified window to collect my mattress and did not keep me waiting.

  • Hadley Brown

Quick and efficient service from a team that displayed exceptional workmanship, along with upfront pricing without hidden costs.

  • Anne

My experience with Brent House Waste Removal for rubbish removal was absolutely wonderful - their staff was punctual, friendly, and worked quickly.

  • Rebecca H.

Their waste disposal services have been top notch every single time I've used them over the last few months! The same day response service is quick - I always get my job done straight away - plus the lads are extremely hard working and friendly. Never failed to leave my premises immaculate!

  • Nick K.

Outstanding service from RubbishRemovalBrent from start to finish! It couldn't have been happier to book with them; crazy good prices too so will most certainly be recommending this company to anyone who needs similar services!

  • Roy Morgan

I made the best decision by hiring Brent Domestic Clearance Company to help with rubbish removal. I would hire them again in a heartbeat! I would've never thought such a reputable company could provide such cheap service. They're a dream.

  • T. Brett

Getting rid of rubbish is a job I hate, and my attic was filled with waste that I was desperate to get rid of. I didn't want to mess around and wait for the council to collect the old furniture, and I didn't want to put bags of rubbish into my car either! Waste Disposal Brent provided me with the best solution thanks to their professional waste removal service. It was fast, cheap and the workers did an amazing job. No complaints from me - very impressive!

  • Becky D.

Me and my husband decided to have the loft in our home extended a few months ago, and when all the builders had finished with their work, there were a lot of leftover construction materials which were stopping us from enjoying our new room! We hired Brent Domestic Clearance Company for their builder's clearance packages, and thanks to them we weren't waiting around for long! Everything was back to the way we wanted it in no time at all, and you could tell with all their equipment that they care about the safety of their customers. Cheers guys!

  • Millie S.

Just a quick message to say that my junk has been collected quickly, safely and efficiently and I'd like to thank Brent House Waste Removal for taking care of the job. The team arrived promptly, were friendly and professional, and did an all-round superb job, saving me a lot of time and hassle. I will definitely be keeping their number close!

  • Louise J.

I had been planning a loft conversion in my home but before I could begin, it needed clearing. I wasn't looking forward to taking all those boxes and bags down a ladder, so I got in touch with Brent House Waste Removal. They assured me they could handle a loft clearance and do it safely. They showed me this a few days later when they had my entire attic emptied out. They took away the junk for me too and everything was done safely. I didn't think the job could be so simple, but what do you expect when you hire experts?

  • Nelson Brunt

Rubbish Removal Brent did a great house clearance service when we were moving house. We had tons of old furniture, carpets, electrical appliances and general bric a brac to dump, so decided to hire a professional clearance company to deal with it. I am so glad we did as it was done speedily. It saved us so much time trying to find the appropriate method to get rid of individual items. This company simply took away the entire lot. The cost was within my means too.

  • Danny Campbell

I'd spent months trying to find the time to clear my garage from junk and rubbish, but I just never had the energy or willpower. When I came across Rubbish Removal Brent I was more than eager to give their clearance services a go, and I wasn't disappointed! The price quote given was cheap and accurate, the clearance teams were dedicated and efficient and the company was wholly reliable. A brilliant service that I will use again!

  • Bradley

I altered my house structure and made heavy changes in the design. At the end, I was left with a beautiful house and a pile of after builders junk. I was quite worried about this junk but Rubbish Removal Brent helped in getting rid of all my worries through their incredible waste disposal services. The quality which they provide is truly unmatched. Their team is not only professional but also has the expertise in handling a variety of junk. I was quite impressed with their concern for the environment and their disposal methods. They are very responsive and have an answer for every problem. Their punctuality speaks a lot about their high professional standards.

  • Mickey Walker

We had decorated our three bedrooms, and purchased new bedroom fittings, and of course were left with stacks of old and worn-out fittings and decorating materials to get rid of. I used Brent House Waste Removal who were wonderful. They arranged everything from a booking to supply a cost to sorting a removal date. The work was done to a high standard and at a reasonable price.

  • Sherrie Simmons

I was moving workshop and had a lot of belongings to move, but there was also a lot of rubbish that needed to be dealt with. It can be amazing how much junk you collect over the years! I used a local company called Office Junk Clearing Company Br and they were fabulous. First, the helpful office arranged a meeting with an assistant to look over what was being dumped, as well as giving me a price. I was happy with the quote so went ahead and booked them. The rubbish, ranging from glass, metal and broken desks to furniture, was moved fast and efficiently.

  • Rachel T.

I received a great rubbish clearance service recently when I moved into my new home. There was still some old stuff left from the old owners and we found some of our stuff was broken and useless so hired Brent Domestic Clearance Compan to sort it. They were brilliant from calling to provide a quote to arranging a date. The good thing was that it was all going to be recycled into other things which made me feel better towards helping the planet.

  • Marta Fuller

I was having a clear out in my home and discovered a mountain of useless and nonworking objects that seemed to be taking up a lot of valuable space. I used a company my sister recommended called Brent House Waste Removal, they were brilliant. First they called to calculate a price and explain how the rubbish would be removed and disposed of. Every little detail was taken care of by the company. I was over the moon with the estimate. The date was set and the rubbish was taken away safely and competently. It is great to have some more room now!

  • Kim Ferguson

I was pleased with RubbishRemovalBrent when were moving into our new home. For an affordable cost the friendly workers got rid of a lot of unwanted things we didn't want to take with us, and took it away to be recycled where possible. The company was brilliant and professional and operated a reputable business.

  • Shane H.

Hiring RubbishRemovalBrent was a great experience for me. Their phone staff were polite and professional, the junk removal service I hired was cheap, and the actual staff did a fantastic job. It didn't take long for the teams to clear the rubbish in my home, and I was pleased to see it was being disposed of properly! I'd hired this company again, and I'd recommend their services again and again! Thanks for the help - it's very much appreciated!

  • Ray W.